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Our process revolves around you, and your readers.
Crafting digital experiences which engage publishers and readers alike.

Publisher Strategy

Say Hi

By phone call, email, or simply set up a meeting. We’ll discuss your project and let you know how we can help you navigate through the maze.


We take it upon ourselves to conduct the relevant research to learn and analyse your business needs, and understand who your competitors are to make your business succeed.

Publisher Strategy
Publisher Strategy

Define Scope

Based on our discussion, and your budget we’ll outline the scope of the project. Highlighting key goals and functionality required.

Digital Strategy

Based upon our research we present a digital strategy that outlines how you can maximize your digital presence. Both through your website and other channels.

Publisher Strategy
Publisher Strategy

Information Architecture

Having created your Digital Strategy, we are now in a position to work on the website’s architecture, here we create your sitemap and organize your website.

Brand Identity

Presenting a set of brand elements that will align with your target audience and market, maximizing your visibility.

Publisher Strategy
Publisher Strategy

Content & Copywriting

Your brand potential is only maximized when your copy echos your brand identity. By providing a consistent tone to your copy we’ll make sure that your website’s content echo’s what your target audience is looking for.


Once we’ve agreed on the website’s architecture and the website’s content is underway we start designing the look and feel of the website confirming with your brand identity.

Publisher Strategy
Publisher Strategy


With the designs signed off, we’ll code these designs and integrate them with the Maze CMS and any third party API’s.

Marketing & Social Strategy

Maze will help you Plan, Manage and Optimize your Digital Strategy to meet the most demanding marketing challenges.

Publisher Strategy
Publisher Strategy

Brand Guidelines

In addition to the branding elements provided earlier, we will provide guideline document on how to present your brand. Including tone of voice, and document formatting guidelines.


Hurray! The maze has been solved. Digital Marketing is on it’s way.

Publisher Strategy
Publisher Strategy


We will empower you and your staff by providing training and best practice guidelines on how to use the Maze CMS and successfully implement your digital marketing strategy.


We’ll keep an eye out for your product’s results, and it’s use by you and your customers. Collecting information for any future improvements.

Publisher Strategy
Publisher Strategy


You’ve gone through the Maze once, doesn’t mean you won’t encounter another one again. We’ll be ready to improve your product on the next iteration to maximize your ROI.

Still got questions?

How much do you charge ?

Every project is different, and each client comes along with a different budget. For this reason projects are priced individually. We like to give customers the maximum value for their budgets, and ensure that your money is invested in the right areas.

When can you start, and when will my website be ready?

It depends, we can usually start in around 3-6 weeks time. Each project's duration varies according to your budget and the project itself, however most projects take between 2-12 weeks. If you're on a deadline let us know as soon as possible, so we can look at our availability.

How do you handle the payments?

For most projects we require a 50% deposit, for large projects we can agree a more specific payment schedule. We accept payments via Bank/Wire transfer or cheque, Paypal payments are only accepted for amounts under €1,000. Deposits are due on receipt all other invoices are due within 7 days.

Do you work with International companies?

We're based in Malta, Europe. However we've taken work from across the continents including US, Australia and Europe. Whilst time difference can provide a challenge, we've never had any workflow issues with any of our clients.

Do you work with Startups?

Yes! We love working with passionate entrepreneurs, and we'd love to be part of your success story. We'll be happy to offer our services to help you build a successful digital strategy and presence. However we're not investors, so we don't work on a profit-sharing basis.

Why Maze Digital over a Web Design Company or a freelancer?

A Web Design Company usually have significant overheads, as web design companies employ sales people and it's harder to get hold of the right people. So in most cases you're getting better value for your money with us.

A freelancer also gives you this no-overhead benefit, and might on paper look cheaper. However a successful website or a digital strategy requires a mixture of skills, from design & development to planning and execution. It's highly unlikely that a single individual can hit all the sweet spots. Design Companies also suffer from the very same pit-fall, their skill-set is usually centred around website design, and their goal is strictly to provide you with a website design.

Being a team with varied digital skills gives us a better objective view on your project and allows us to maximise our offering. We allocate your budget to areas where we believe your business would get most out of. We also cost less than if you had to hire your own team of freelancers, in fact just hiring a good designer and developer it will cost you more.

Who will i work with during the project ?

At Maze Digital we don't have any intermediary sales people, so you can talk directly to those in charge of your project. Our technical expertise will help you move with projects quicker.

Do you use WordPress ?

We've used WordPress in the past and we're not very keen on using it again. WordPress is a great tool to manage your blog. But let's face it, most of our clients require more robust solutions. By using our own Content Management Solution we can provide customers with better flexibility, scalability and most importantly a better user experience.

I'd love to work with Maze Digital, what next?

First of all get in touch with us, say hello. We can have a chat about what you do, your business and the project you'd like us to work on. If you already have brief prepared, feel free to send it over, however a detailed brief might not be required as you might want us to take control of the project. If you have a budget (ballpark figure is fine) it's very important to let us know, in most cases this will be a key factor when defining the project scope and what can be done. Obviously the larger the budget the more time we can spend on your project, however everyone's budget is different and we can scope the projects for most budgets.