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a team of experts helping publishers grow their business online.

Our Vision?

A world in which people can make well-informed, non-partisan decisions.


We live in a world full of distractions where, regardless of the progress and information available, many are still misinformed.

We believe that only by crafting great content and presenting it in a unique and simple way can the public and our local communities be knowledgable enough to make informed decisions. Therefore, only by supporting today’s publishers can we guarantee that tomorrow, our citizens will be able to make better decisions.

Together we can deliver
information that matters.

Together we can positively influence the world of tomorrow.

Where it all began


Jonathan joins student media organisation, Insite, on campus

He moves up the ranks to newszine designer and, eventually, CEO of the organisation


The start of a four-year commercial experience working for a Forex Broker, leading a team to build a financial news portal for the company


Jon lands a presentation on this same portal in Boston at the Symphony CMS Symposium in 2012 on technical abilities needed to meet a publisher’s demands


He joins Junior Chamber International (JCI), an organisation which strives for member and community development

This inspiration leads him to take home the title for Best Business Plan in a JCI competition


Starts building working relations with publishers as BBC Worldwide and The Forward, a Jewish publication in New York


Jon leaves his job to focus on helping publishers grow their online business, founding


and now


The company sees in three new employees with a diverse background over a span of 10 months, and continues to expand its expertise in the ways of digital publishing.

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