Web Ticker

Maze Digital · 16 July 2016 · V3.0.0


I would like to use the Web Ticker on my website, which license is applicable?

Thank you for asking, as noted within the License page, you are free to use it under the GPLv3 License. This however implies that you have to discolose the source code, including any changes, includ the original license, copyright and instructions of how to install the webticker. You are also required to state changes - if any made to the software. This License is meant for Personal use and open source projects.

If you want to include it as part of a commercial website where you do not want to include the above license or meet all the conditions, you require a commercial license. This license will allow you to include Web Ticker, as part of your websites, projects, applications and themes. More information on the commercial license can be found here.

I tried to install the Web Ticker on my website, but have no idea from where to start.

Whilst we provide the Web Ticker as is, it is possible to use paid support. Get in touch, and let us know what help you require, and we see how we can help.

I believe I have encountered a bug, what should I do?

Thanks for asking, as the Web Ticker is an Open Source project, we keep track of all bugs on GitHub, feel free to file a bug report, someone from our team will investigate and determine whether this is a bug, potential improvement or something else. Please do not use this feature for personal issues with configuration and set up. In all instances kindly provide a link where we can preview the issue you are encountering with a detailed explenation of the expected behaviour.

I would like the Web Ticker to do something else, how should I let you know?

The Web Ticker is a great tool, used by a lot of companies, so we have to make sure that any suggestion will not change the scope of the project. The first thing you should do, is open a ticket, as above, noting the suggested improvement. If this is something you require for a commercial project get in touch and we’ll see how we can make this happen for your project.