Web Ticker

Maze Digital · 16 July 2016 · V3.0.0

Change Log


  • Added Ability to choose between Ease or Linear transitions
  • Injected required CSS rules in JS file
  • Fixed bug when updating with multiple new <li> items - only the last new item was being added
  • Fixed bug when adding a new <li> item in non-duplicate setting - ordering was not being handled well
  • Fixed bug when updating the list with shorter content than the original - duplication only filled the row partially
  • Fixed bug when resizing - width of the ticker was not being updated
  • Fixed bug when having a very long <li> item crashed the ticker - when trying to compare width of items to width of the ticker
  • Change of Licenses - now features GPLv3, Commercial & OEM Licenses
  • Added substantial documentation, and migrated repository to Maze Digital


  • Fixed CSS3 Support for Firefox
  • Fixed CSS3 Check function to support Fallback for IE


  • Added CSS3 Transition Support
  • Improved cods & closures
  • No need to set unique IDs when running multiple tickers with different options
  • Streamlined the update Swap Feature
  • Added two new boolean parameters to the Update function [insert/remove]


  • Complete Rewrite and restructuring of the Ticker
  • Added the ability to Update the ticker live
  • Added ability to load RSS & update periodically (same domain)
  • Breaking compatibility from 1.x